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Book Notes
Book Notes
6x9 inches

The book notes shown here are hand-typed (with a manual typewriter) and include any x-ed out mistakes that occurred during the (single) typing experience.

The book notes are numbered to correspond with the previous index cards and photographs.

This section of the book is only two pages, which are seen simultaneously (left and right side) and is introduced by a title page labeled Notes.

The book notes read as follows:

Page 1
The biscuits were homemade and dressed with flour.
gravy is salty
No eggs because I don't like them fried.
no drink
This place smells like cigarettes.
stale cigarettes from old men who live long lives
Tammy only looks like a girl.

hot coffee, cold day
Pop mixed milk and cornbread, (xxxxxx) peaches & cottage cheese.
beans go with kraut & wieners, but they don't have any
Sandy brought blackberry jelly for my cornbread to eat it like dessert. She knew what I wanted. I didn't have to ask.
I used to think only (xxxx) poor people ate this.

I feel like I'm home.
my mom on thanksgiving
my mom on Christmas
my mom on a holiday

I'll be here for awhile. (read the newspaper)
The old man next to me keeps staring.
I asked him if he needed anything.
He said no.

Mom used to pick the chicken off the bones before she fried it.
green beans from the garden

Page 2
two cups on the table
one is empty (it has ice)
the other is 1/2 empty
fudge is dry

The gravy burned my tongue.
Everything is the same color. It is a gift. It didn't cost anything (just a trip to KY)
macaroni with shells, instant mashed potatoes
chicken & dumplings, all the time

It's so dark in here.
I used to hate meatloaf.
(I feel bad for not leaving a (xxx) tip.)
We eat cabbage on New Year's Day for good luck.
(xxxx) Rita's birthday

leaning, melting
I don't need napkins. I ate the cone.
The girl had chocolate on the back of her pants.
It looked like something else.
"Hey, I gotta tip for you..."

As we got older, we ate fast food with our fingers.
no forks, no spoons
there was never enough time
We used to order hot dogs and onion rings and eat them in Armco Park.
swings, shelters, family (reunions)
needed extra ketchup, catsup
refill my pop