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009 (-ed)
Book Page (Front & Back Views)
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Text reads:

Stephany worked 40 hours/week while she was in college as a manager at the Dollar Tree.

It rained for days and on the night she closed, we had a thunderstorm. We left home to pick her up by 10:00pm since she only shared a car with Mom.

We lived on top of a hill.

Mom hit water at 35mph and it felt like a head-on collision. Our car floated in the lake of water and we could only see as far as the headlights would shine.

Water came in through the doors and my feet got wet. Mom hit the gas pedal and we moved backwards (for what seemed like hours) until we hit a dry road. She squealed the tires.

The valley flooded and the water reached at least 10-15 feet deep (in some spots). We crossed over hills to get to town and the water went down fast.

Our Chevy never had brake troubles after that night. I was in the seventh grade.